Firearms Transfers

Gun-Transfer Image

Transfers FROM Standard Firearms
Overnight shipping is required by UPS and FedEx if shipping a handgun!  I will not ship with USPS because I don’t have time to stand in line at the post office to declare the handgun.  Shipping a pistol will cost you on average of $65.00 plus a $50.00 transfer fee.  Rifles can be shipped ground UPS so it is a little cheaper.  For rifles you must supply all packaging (don’t close the box because I must inspect the guns serial number)

Transfers TO Standard Firearms 
We provide incoming FFL transfers for $30, or $25 with a concealed handgun license. All FFL transfers must be paid in cash only!  No credit cards will be processed, or checks accepted for this service.  There will be an extra $50 charge for used handgun transfers that do not come with a safety lock since this is required by law in order to complete the transfer.  Ask your seller if they provide a safety lock, bring one with you at time of transfer or you will be charged $50 if I have a lock that will work.  If I don’t have a lock, your gun didn’t arrive with a lock, or you don’t bring a lock, the gun transfer will not take place by Federal Law and you will not leave with your gun.  Most all new handguns come from the manufacturer with this lock already. Our hours are by appointment only as we are a small family run business.  If your gun arrives at our shop and you do not pick it up within 30 calender days we will charge you $3 per day storage with a minimum of $30 storage fee.  If after 60 calender days your transfered gun(s) aren’t picked up we reserve the right to sell your firearms in order to recover the transfer fee of $30 plus and/all storage fees. If you need to ship a gun to another FFL dealer (you sold it on Gunbroker etc.) the charge will be $50.00, plus overnight UPS shipping (cost plus 20%) for all handgun transfers.