201, KDF, K15 Improved, Titan II, .270 Weatherby Mag.

KDF, K15 Improved, Titan II, .270 Weatherby Mag. with original composite stock.  This is a great gun for the person who wants to hunt with it and not just collect.  The original composite stock is in excellent condition with the original green cammo pattern.  I would say this stock feels very similiar to a Houge and is in excellent condition. Length of pull is 13″.  The 3 trigger pull average is 3.2lbs.  The barrel is 25″. The bluing is a little rough, but there is no rust or damage, just wear and rub marks.  This is a very late model K-15 as it is stamped KDF (not Kleinguenther) and carries both the K-15 and Titan II model names.  Also, the serial number is very late in the series for these guns.

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