Kleinguenther K14, .243 Win.

Kleinguenther K-14, .243 Win. SOLD!  This very rare K-14 models is one of the very first K-14 models ever produced!  This was one of the first rifles to make the transition from the Shikar model to the K-14 model, it was produced on 09/12/1973 and comes complete with the original test target that has the work-up load, gun serial number and initials RLB who was a gun maker for Robert Kleinguenther.  I have verified these facts with Phil Koehne who knows the history of this rifles better than anyone alive today since he worked side by side with Robert from the beginning.  This rifle has a very beautiful wood stock with a German silver diamond shape inlay in the forearm of the stock that bears the initials CDR. We purchased this rifle from the original owner, and he ordered the gun from Robert Kleinguenther with his initials engraved, but when he picked up the gun from the dealer it had the wrong initials in it.  He said he talked to Robert about the mistake, but time got away from him and he never pursued it.   Scope base and rings are included.  We accept cash, money orders, cashier’s checks, Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.  Credit cards will be charged a 3% additional fee for the total amount of the rifle including shipping and taxes.  We will ship this rifle to your FFL for a $55.00 flat fee that includes insurance.

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