353, Kleinguenther K15 Improved, .270 Win

Kleinguenther K-15 Improved, .270 Win.  We just received this nice Kleinguenther rifle in hard to find .270 Win.  This rifle features a Schnabel stock, spent case cover on floor plate and KDF muzzle break.  This gun is a Kleinguenther and has all the original markings like all others but also has KDF engraved on it next to the words Kleinguenther, Seguin TX.  I talked to Phil at KDF and he said more than likely it was simply an option that the original customer wanted since this gun was probably a transition rifle form the Kleinguenther to KDF years ago.  The gun is overall very good condition with typical handling marks on the stock and a few marks/scratches on the floor plate.  Length of pull is standard 13.75″.  Three pull trigger average is 3.1lbs.

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