615, Kleinguenther K15, Fully Engraved, RARE, 7mm Weatherby Mag

This is a very rare Robert Kleinguenther, Placer Corp. Seguin, TX K-15 rifle in 7mm Weatherby Mag.  This is a one owner, very special rifle with a storied past!  When Robert Kleinguenther no longer had Kleinguenther Rifles he still continued to build rifles…  Robert started Placer Corp. in Seguin and went to Germany and negotiating with the owner of Voere Voehrenbach directly to import rifles and barreled actions for him under his new company Placer Corp. in Seguin, TX.  There were several issues with this new arrangement and the story goes that Robert was using his old company’s info to import the rifles and not Placer Corp.  The real issue began when Robert stopped paying Voere Voehrenbach for some of the rifles and actions.  The owner of Voere Voehrenbach came over from Germany and tried to collect on the past due money Robert owned but were unable to collect.  Voere Voehrenbach filed a lawsuit against Robert Kleinguenther and rumor has it that Voere Voehrenbach reported the unpaid rifles & barreled actions as stolen since they hadn’t been paid, and were imported under someone else’s import license.  Because of all the issues Robert Kleinguenther faced financially and legally, there were very few Kleinguenther rifles produced under his new company, Placer Corp, Seguin, TX.  We have in our shop one of the original Placer Corp. (see pictures of action for Placer Corp. engraving) rifles that was purchased by the original owner directly from Robert.  This beautiful rifle features full engraving.  Fully deep relief engraving is on the action, bolt, scope base & rings, floor plate, recoil lugs and both sling swivel mounts.  Because of issues the original owner had with feeding, and Robert not being able to fix it to his satisfaction the rifle was taken to Bill Wiseman & Co. in College Station, TX and the magazine system reworked and the rifle re-barreled with a match grade barrel.  Bill Wiseman & Co. is a very well know manufacture of precision test barrels, as well as custom rifles known as “Texas Safari Rifles”.  This gun is in near new condition and features a very nice, highly figured Walnut stock and extremely nice deep relief engraving on all metal surfaces other than the barrel.  The gun comes with Conetrol scope bases and 30mm rings (both fully engraved).  All paperwork from the work competed by Bill Wiseman & Co. is available.  Also available is a copy of the test target after the rifle was re-barreled showing the 3 shot group of under 1/2″ MOA including ammo used.  The barrel features a 1-9 twist, # 1 contour, 24″ long and is Teflon coated.  The length of pull is 14.5″   We accept cash, money orders, cashier’s checks, Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.  Credit cards will be charged a 3% additional fee for the total amount of the rifle including shipping and taxes.  We will ship this rifle to your FFL in a hard case and insure it for a flat fee of $95.00.

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