663, Kleinguenther K15 Instafire, 300 Win Mag

Kleinguenther K15 Instafire, 300 Winchester Mag.  This nice gun features a light-colored European Walnut stock that makes it stand out from the crowd and also comes with Buehler scope base and 1″ rings.  The stock of this rifle was repaired years ago, and a secondary recoil lug was installed near the wrist of the stock.  There are two very fine cracks that were repaired at the same time and can be clearly seen in the pictures.  The repair appears to be done correctly and the cracks repaired nicely.  Other than the repaired hairline cracks the stock is otherwise in excellent condition!  The stocks length of pull measures the standard 14.5″.  The metal on the gun is nearly perfect.  I would rate the metal of this gun at 99%.

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