Kleinguenther K-15 Improved, 375 H&H

Kleinguenther K-15 Improved in 375 H&H with original KDF muzzle brake.  We have another fine Kleinguenther in excellent shape with an oil rubbed finished stock.  This rifle shows signs of very little use.  The stock has some very minor handling marks, but you have to hold it up to the light just right to even begin to see them.  I would rate the stock at 95%-97%.  The bluing is in excellent condition and has no rust or issues other than typical swirl marks from wiping it down.  I would rate the bluing as 92%-95%.  The original recoil pad has been replaced with a nice new one since most recoil pads are hard as a rock on Kleinguenthers!  The barrel has been inspected with a bore scope and is in excellent condition with no rust or pitting.  The barrel measures 24.5″ from end to where it threads into receiver (not including muzzle break).  The trigger is very crisp and breaks at a three-pull average of just 2 lbs, 7 oz.  Overall, this is a very nice rifle in excellent shape!

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