Kleinguenther K15 Improved Magazine

Kleinguenther K-15 Improved Magazine, SOLD!  This is an original Mauser (Mauser owned Voere in the later years when the K-15 Improved and Voere Titan II where produced) magazine that will fit the Kleinguenther K-15 Improved rife.  This magazine can be used with the following calibers:

25/06, 30/06, 7 x 64, .270 Win., 8 x 57IS and 7.5 x 55.

The pictures make this magazine look a lot worse than it really is!  If you are not sure what model you have please see the Kleinguenther home page and read the history and it will tell you how to identify your model.  This magazine is in excellent working condition.  The bluing on the bottom of the magazine has a few small marks on it since I had to remove the original protective paper that was still applied.  On one side of the magazine there is some staining but nothing but cosmetic.  The original sticker is still on the side that came with all the K-15 Imp. Magazines accept this one says Mauser instead of Voere. The Kleinguenther K-15 Imp, Voere Titan II and Mauser 99 models where all the same.