Kleinguenther K15 Instafire, .270 Weatherby Mag.

Kleinguenther K-15 Instafire, .270 Weatherby Mag.  This rifle is priced the way it is because it is a hunter model and not a safe queen!  This gun has been carried in the field and the condition of the stock shows.  I have included numerous photos showing all the various scratches, dings, chips etc. in the stock.  This gun was re-barreled at some point and fitted with a muzzle break.  The bluing is in fair condition showing no rust or abuse, just wear from being carried.  The only real signs of bluing wear are on the floor plate.  The bluing on the action and barrel are all in good shape.  With a little TLC on the stock this rifle would show a lot better.  Included with the rifle are Redfield scope base and rings.  The barrel including the muzzle break measure 25″.  Length of pull on the stock measure about 14.5″.  The rifling in the barrel looks very good.  This gun is a little ugly compared to most of the Kleinguenther rifles we normally sell but there is nothing wrong with this rifle other than cosmetic.

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