Voere Voehrenbach

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Voere Voehrenbach of Germany was the manufacturer of the Kleinguenther rifle.  Kleinguenther was the importer of this rifle into the United States before they sold to Mauser in 1990.  When a Voere Voehrenbach of Germany was imported into the U.S. they were normally stamped with Kleinguenther, Seguin, TX.  There were Voere Voehrenbach rifles that did not always get the Kleinguenther stamp and normally these rifles are a little less valuable than those that were stamped Kleinguenther even though many were sold by Kleinguenther.  There were also a fair amount of Voere Voehrenbach rifles that were brought back from Germany by people serving in the U.S. military that were able to buy these rifles on base in Germany while serving, and upon return to the U.S. were allowed to bring them home.

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